Thursday, October 14, 2004

Exploding potato drama

From "Notebook" columnist Michael Simkins in today's London Daily Telegraph:

I have always had a fondness for those hastily printed headlines attached to newspaper stands at street corners advertising the day's breaking story. You know the sort - "Hollywood Legend Dies" - a brief caption designed to lure you into buying the paper without giving too much away.

Last Friday, the Evening Standard kiosks in London contained a real beauty. "Blair In Prawn Risotto Farce'' they screamed. But even as I fumbled for change, I realised I would only be disappointed. How could the sober truth compare with the fevered wanderings of my imagination?

My favourite example of the genre, however, is still the sheet I rescued from a stand outside Brighton station in the mid-1980s and which is proudly displayed in my office: "Wife In Exploding Potato Drama."