Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Wednesday 10/13 links

Washington Post Iraq correspondent Karl Vick reports that you can't tell the terrorists without a scorecard: "Local insurgents in the city of Fallujah are turning against the foreign fighters who have been their allies in the rebellion that has held the U.S. military at bay in parts of Iraq's Sunni Muslim heartland, according to Fallujah residents, insurgent leaders and Iraqi and U.S. officials."

Washington Times columnist
Tony Blankley thinks that Sen. Kerry's terrorists/"nuisance" remark is fair game because it reveals his instinctive mindset.

In the reliably ultraliberal New York Observer,
Richard Brookhiser: "If you believe that Saddam was a threat; if you believe that there are more threats in the offing; and if you believe that Mr. Bush’s response was on the plus side of mixed and could improve, then Mr. Bush deserves re-election."

New York Daily News columnist
Zev Chafets warns that Sen. Kerry's rants about about vote-counting fraud are utterly false and could lead to chaos.

Syndicated columnist
Brent Bozell is outraged that CBS has delayed--and likely buried--its investigation of Rathergate.

Do you think New York Times columnist
William Safire enjoys tweaking the French? Me, too. Today's column is titled: "Duelfer to France: J'accuse!" Alas, then he wallows in the usual eye-glazing scandal trivia.

Washington Post columnist
Anne Applebaum won't just come out and say that the UN is worthless, but you get the idea.

Eric Gillin of the Black Table website explains why the mainstream airlines are in desperate trouble. He does not use the term "mainstream," but it is evocative shorthand to describe the now-decrepit former titans of any industry, isn't it?

Maybe, just maybe, Kerry's right and we're all wrong. Or at least that is what the indefagitable ScrappleFace, aka Scott Ott, suggests: "Edwards Stem Cell Remarks Spur Mullah Omar's Surrender."

Online satirical weekly The Onion posts this exclusive: "Dog Experiences Best Day of His Life for 400th Consecutive Day." And for good reason: "'I got to go outside! I got to sniff the bush!' Loki said, wagging excitedly. 'I saw a squirrel and I barked at it and it ran up the tree! Then I came back inside, and the smoky-smelling tall man let me have a little piece of bacon and then I drank from the toilet!'"