Monday, October 11, 2004

Monday 10/11 links

Power Line blogger "Deacon," aka Paul Mirengoff, supplies the latest poll numbers: Washington Post and Rasmussen have Bush +4-5; Zogby, which tends to be oddball (and, in recent elections, wrong), Kerry +1.

John Kerry: "Iraq is a mess. And it's a mess because of two people: George W. Bush and Dick Cheney." Ornery American blogger
Orson Scott Card: "The mess in Iraq is caused by murderers, rebels, thugs, and self-righteous fanatics. For Edwards to say that the mess is 'because of' President Bush and Vice-president Cheney is so monstrously false that it offends not just common sense but common decency for a candidate for such high office to utter such an unspeakable charge." (Hat tip to Charles Johnson/Little Green Footballs)

Syndicated columnist
Laura Ingraham says that the Democrats just cannot seem to get it: "Kerry--like all doves--is unpersuasive on national security issues because he doesn't realize certain basic truths that have guided American policy for decades." A great piece.

It appears that Chicago Sun-Times political columnist Robert Novak has read at least one book that he didn't write; today's column is titled "Kerry can't live down scarlet 'L.'" It's Kerry's own fault, as Novak notes: "It seems like a lifetime since July 1991 when Sen. Kerry declared: 'I'm a liberal, and proud of it.'"

Writing a guest column in the New York Post,
John O'Sullivan reports that John Howard's sweeping reelection victory in Australia is so significant that the mainstream media are trying to suppress it. As if a warmongering right-winger could win reelection in a western democracy despite the best efforts of its media class. Oh, and the title of the piece is: "Bush Wins Again."

Well, this is lovely. Wall Street Journal political columnist John Fund learns that union thugs may be deployed to intimidate Republican voters at the polls.

Why do the Swiftees hate John Kerry so much? Washington Times reporter Stephanie Mansfield asked them.

Blogger Beldar, aka
William J. Dyer, feels compelled to supply sources for everything he writes. Good for him.

Perhaps the French whine about the Americanization of their lives, but if you ask
Mary Kenny, writing in the lefty London Guardian, that's only the men: the women slaved their lives away in the kitchen preparing four-course meals from scratch, and now most of them don't have to--and don't.

ScrappleFace, aka blogger
Scott Ott, answers a question that arose during the debate: "Object Under Bush Jacket Identified: 'It's a Spine.'" And: "Similar images of Mr. Kerry showed 'no comparable spinal features.'"