Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Tuesday 10/12 links

Carol Gould finds life increasingly unendurable in Europe for Americans and Jews, who are subjected to open and vicious attacks wherever they go.

Mark Steyn's column was spiked by the London Telegraph for the first time. Why? Because the Bigley beheading struck a nerve in Britain and in that column Steyn suggested that we have to write off hostages, because the alternative is to give our enemies a weapon that we cannot afford. He's right. Anyway, he posted the column on his own website, and here it is. (Hat tip to "Wretchard"/Belmont Club)

The mainstream media are determined to ignore the Halperin ABC memo, which leaves it up to New York Post columnist
John Podhoretz to continue the fight.

Syndicated columnist
Thomas Sowell cannot understand why the mainstream media are simply incapable of grasping one simple point: now is not then. No one will defer to you. You can't get away with the usual crap any more.

This week columnist
Charles Krauthammer supplies an essay to Time with a provocative title: "The Case for Fearmongering: Do candidates alarm people when they talk of danger? They should."

In a posting on the QandO blogsite, "
McQ" describes "Iran: The Israel Option." The short version: Israel will knock out Iran's nukes, and the US will be very happy that it did so.

Do you want to fight them in the Middle East or the Middle West? Syndicated columnist
Dennis Prager: "Ask Kerry one question: What would Zarqawi be doing if he weren't in Iraq"?

Associated Press reporter
Martin Griffith quotes Gen. Tommy Franks as saying that "If [Kerry's] voting record ruled the day, Saddam Hussein would not only be running Iraq but Kuwait." That sort of statement does not tend to burnish Kerry's defense credentials.

Nor does a margin of Bush 72%-Kerry 17% among career military personnel, according to a poll published recently. So what is Washington Post guest columnist Peter D. Feaver's astonishing conclusion? Not that it reflects the professionals' contempt for Kerry's defense stance; rather: "I worry about poll findings that show such a large tilt in favor of one candidate because they risk politicizing the military further, especially when it rebuts so decisively a central theme in one candidate's marketing campaign."

Reuters/Zogby, the Democrats' favorite poll, admits that Bush has climbed back into a tie with Kerry, 45-45. About which "Captain Ed" Morrissey of the Captain's Quarters blog has this to say: "I remain highly suspicious of both Zogby's methods and results. ... The new Zogby poll shows Bush with just a 35% job-approval rating, ... most other polls have Bush's job-approval rating around the 50% mark, meaning that Zogby overpolled Bush haters by at least ten points. And yet the best Kerry can get is a tie."

Another indication that professional Democrats, if not the media, think Kerry is too-left: Los Angeles Times reporter
Richard Simon observes that several Democratic Senate candidates are running well to his right.

Democratic senators from conservative states have been getting away with talking moderate at home and voting liberal in Washington. But if Republican John Thune beats Democratic minority leader Tom Daschle in South Dakota's senatorial race, that may be an indication that things have changed for the better. Or so suggests Power Line blogger "Deacon," aka
Paul Mirengoff.

In Vietnam and Mogadishu, US forces killed 20 enemy for every American that was killed. But blogger
Arthur Chrenkoff warns: "The United States armed forces continue to have the ability to significantly degrade the opponent's fighting capacity. It's what is made of military victories afterwards that's a problem."

Legendary satirist
P.J. O'Rourke provides The Daily Standard with "Sixteen obvious points that George W. Bush should make during the Wednesday night debate."

Why didn't Pres. Bush think of this? Satirical blogger "ScrappleFace," aka
Scott Ott, reports that "Kerry Says Do-Not-Terrorize List Would End Nuisance."

Writing in Amherst Magazine,
Michele A. Berdy (women using their middle initial professionally are telling you something) laments how Russian men are so much more attractive than American men--even though they drink, smoke, live like pigs, and don't give a rat's about how your day was. In other words, a man who's a man, and not an Alda/Donahue prototype.