Thursday, October 14, 2004

Thursday 10/14 links

How well did Pres. Bush do last night? According to New York Post columnist Ramesh Ponnuru, "If Bush had done this well during the first debate, the election would probably be over now."

In the Daily Standard, Fred Barnes credits Pres. Bush with his "best debate performance ever," while Hugh Hewitt suggests that "it is hard to imagine how Bob Schieffer could have been more pro-Kerry in last night's debate--short of actually wearing a Kerry-Edwards button. Which makes the president's win even more impressive."

As to the usual blog suspects: Beldar blogger William J. Dyer, Captain's Quarters blogger "Captain Ed" Morrissey, and Power Line bloggers "Hindrocket," "Deacon," and "The Big Trunk"--aka John H. Hinderaker, Paul Mirengoff, and Scott W. Johnson, respectively--thought Pres. Bush thrashed Sen. Kerry in the debate. Dyer and Morrissey also accuse the mainstream media of intending to designate Kerry the winner even before the debate started.

And satirical blogger "ScrappleFace," aka
Scott Ott, reports: "Although many political commentators saw President George Bush and rival John Forbes Kerry battle to a tie in tonight's final debate, the U.S. Supreme Court has intervened and awarded the victory to Mr. Bush."

Syndicated columnist
Ann Coulter insists that the Democrats are out-of-step with the national mood for muscular defense: they "are obsessed with getting the French to like us. They call terrorism a 'nuisance,' like prostitution and other petty crimes. ('Hundreds of Children Killed in Chechnya by Nuisance,' 'British Civilian Beheaded by Annoyance,' '9-11: What a Hassle!') ... If Gore had been elected president, right now he would just be finding that last lesbian quadriplegic for the Special Forces team."

National Review Online columnist
Jonah Goldberg admits that on one hand Sen. Kerry is a smoothie, but on the other: "John Kerry is a sphincter. Okay, that's a bit juvenile. But I've always thought the guy was unlikable."

Syndicated columnist
Emmett Tyrrell observes that candidates who don't like "labels" are usually on the wrong side of the issues.

Washington Post columnist
George F. Will warns against understimating the NRA, which sponsors a new billboard that has appeared in at least ten states; it shows "a prancing French poodle, its fur fancily clipped for show, wearing a pink ribbon and a blue Kerry-for-president sweater. The text says: 'That dog don't hunt.'"

Swedish researchers have concluded that cell phones do cause cancer. I can think of some worthy candidates.
Nancy McVicar of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel has the story.

Los Angeles Times writer
Robin Norwood reports two astonishing things: (1) legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden turns 94 today; and (2) in April it will be 30 years since he retired. And one not-so-astonishing thing: Wooden's Pyramid of Success self-help theory is still vastly influential. One quibble: in an otherwise fine piece Norwood fails even to mention Wooden's basic rule: "Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming."