Monday, September 20, 2004

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Stop the presses! Those intrepid newshounds at CBS are about to break a huge story! The documents were forged!!! Stunning revelations expected today! Jim Rutenberg of The New York Times reports.

"Scrappleface," aka
Scott Ott, breathlessly reports that "Dan Rather Uncovers Memo Forgery, Demands Resignation." His own.

CBS defector
Bernard Goldberg warns that "if Dan Rather's source turns out to be a partisan, say goodbye to CBS's reputation."

Washington Times columnist Bruce Bartlett admits that he is "fascinated by the CBS documents scandal. It reminds me of the last gasp of 'scientists' who were certain that the sun revolved around the Earth, rather than the other way around, before finally having to accept the truth."

ABC News--the Australian ABC, not ours--reports that we are planning a large-scale December offensive in Iraq. The objective: "to claim back insurgent strongholds such as Fallujah, Ramadi and Samarra."

Spengler: today the Asia Times savant connects the dots with "Bush, Marshal Foch and Iran." His conclusion: "Washington's strategic position in the Middle East is stronger than it has ever been, contrary to superficial interpretation."

Clifford May knows that Iraq is "A Hard Place," but we must win there.

Chicago Sun-Times columnist
Robert Novak talks to some of his vast inventory of government sources and, as usual, finds support for the conclusion that he had reached before he started the exercise; that is, the US will withdraw from Iraq next year--no matter what. Another nugget: Condi at State; Wolfowitz at Defense in the next administration.

Wall Street Journal political reporter
John Fund sees dead campaigns--and the Democrats are having nightmares over the eerie similarities between Dukakis '88 and Kerry '04.

Political columnist
Michael Barone observes that "The campaign always reflects the candidate," and Kerry's reflection is clouded.

Michael Finnegan reports in the Los Angeles Times that "after months of struggling to find a theme to capture the essence of his candidacy, Sen. John F. Kerry has settled on one: The election, he says, boils down to a decision between four more years of 'wrong choices' or a 'new direction.'" Kerry's being modest--he's offered so many alternative stances on so many issues, why not "four more years of 23 new directions"?

New York Times columnist
William Safire takes a crack at "Reading Kerry's Mind." No comment--too easy.

This is particularly outrageous: Sydney Australian Washington bureau chief
Roy Eccleston reports that "John Kerry's campaign has warned Australians that the Howard Government's support for the US in Iraq has made them a bigger target for international terrorists."

Thomas Bray of the Detroit News reports "How Europe became a 90-pound weakling." It's not for the squeamish. And why does Europe support the Kyoto global warming accord? "They would impose the biggest penalty on the American economy. This would make it far easier for Europe to compete without having to dismantle its cozy welfare state. Think of Kyoto as Europe’s weapon of mass destruction."

Joel Mowbray reports that the Israeli spy "scandal" isn't, and attributes it to calculated anti-Semitism.

Melanie Phillips knows that Pres. Bush won the 2000 Florida recount time after time--and she's English.

Marvin Mitchelson, the lawyer who invented palimony, died Saturday. I worked in the same office with him for several years. Here's the New York Times obituary.

Chicago Tribune computer columnist
Jim Coates provides some useful advice for exporting and printing Outlook email data.