Sunday, September 19, 2004

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Howard Kurtz, Michael Dobbs, and James Grimaldi of the Washington Post drive more nails into the CBS coffin. As Power Line's "Hindrocket" (aka John H. Hinderaker) puts it, "What jumps out at me is that Dan Rather, Mary Mapes and the 60 Minutes staff behaved not as objective journalists, but as opposition researchers for the Kerry campaign."

Sunday is Steynday--as in Mark Steyn, columnist errant. Today he has a Dan Rather piece in the Chicago Sun-Times (where he asserts a point this blog made three days ago: "Once [CBS] admits the documents are fake, they can no longer claim 'journalistic ethics' as an excuse to protect their source"); and an Iraq piece in the London Sunday Telegraph ("It is the stability of the Middle East - the stability of the Ba'athists, Ayatollahs, Sauds, the Arafats and Mubaraks - that has enabled it to export its toxins").

Writing in The New York Times,
Roger Cohen misses "the good times before cappuccino and sushi and rucola went global." Because "That's the Way It Was. And I Liked It."

Captain's Quarters blogger
"Captain Ed" Morrissey supplies an email from a Texan who can out-Rather Rather in colorful Lone Star idiom: "Yeah them ol’ boys up there at Power Line done gone an’ slapped you dudes nekkid an’ hid your clothes."

Pat Buchanan applies Hubris and Nemesis, ie Arrogance and Downfall, to the Rather scandal. But he doesn't use those foreign words.

Mail is disappearing and the price is going way up. Bill McAllister delivers the news in the Washington Post.

The newest factoid: Americans eat 19% of their meals in their cars (or, I suppose, other people's cars), which irritates Los Angeles Times guest columnist
Jim Sollisch so much that he gets all Seussy about it.

Miami Herald columnist
Dave Barry advises that there is "Nothing fishy about trout." Susanne, the guide, "is German but promised us that she would not be too strict."