Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Wednesday 10/20 links

Washington Times columnist Tony Blankley has fun with "Election Madness": "Media bias has turned into media caricature. CNN anchorettes call an eight-point Bush lead in the polls a 'statistical dead heat,' pointing out the ominous internal data for Bush that he is only breaking even with the suburban crackhead and pimp demographics (which Wendel Wilkie carried by more than 2-1 in 1940), while losing the Anyone But Bush demographic by an astounding 7-1."

Two nights ago Letterman produced a parody of a Kerry commercial: leaves suddenly were changing colors and falling from the trees--by the millions! And Pres. Bush did nothing! A Pres. Kerry would take action because He Loves the Planet. New York Times columnist William Safire doubts that the Kerry fearmongering campaign will work.

Washington Times political analyst Bill Sammon reports that "Pessimistic Kerry supporters predict Bush will be the victor"--and that it may cause many of them not to bother to vote.

Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page is not pleased: "This week I found myself blinking my eyes in disbelief over two major polls that showed a big bump for Bush among likely black voters."

Weekly Standard publisher William Kristol asks one of those rhetorical questions: "Why is John Kerry no Clinton-Lieberman Democrat? Easy. His obeisance to the U.N."

Harvard law professor William J. Stuntz supplies a very interesting discussion of "Terrorism and the Mob"; his point: "The real problem with Kerry's comments [is that] Kerry thinks America's seventy-year-long battle against the Mafia was a success story. He is wrong. Tolerating Mob bosses (which is what we did for most of ... seventy years) was very costly. Tolerating terrorism -- or leaving it to police and prosecutors, which amounts to the same thing -- would be a disaster."

Writing in the Jerusalem Post, Daniel Pipes predicts that the GOP may pick up Bob Graham's Florida Senate seat. Message: "Coddling a terrorist costs votes."

Gee, what a surprise. Remember the lefty London Guardian's stunt last week, asking readers to contact voters in a swing Ohio county to teach them how sophisticated and decent people vote? Well, our Buckeyes apparently took umbrage--yes, umbrage. Sarah Lyall reports in The New York Times.

Right Wing News supplies a killer list: "Why John Kerry Shouldn't Be President -- In Quotes."

ScrappleFace blogger Scott Ott takes a light and gentle axe to the notoriously unreliable Zogby Poll. The headline: "Zogby Poll to Decide Yankees-Red Sox Series." The kicker: "The Zogby poll margin of error is plus or minus four games." In a seven-game series, it is mathematically impossible to be off by more than four games.

Online satirical weekly The Onion breaks an exclusive: "Kerry: Stem-Cell Research May Hold Cure To Ailing Campaign." And a news brief: "Tibetan Teen Getting Into Western Philosophy."

Syndicated columnist Jonah Goldberg explains "Why we must defend the Electoral College." I don't know ... Electoral College probably could beat Ohio State this year.

The Christian Science Monitor's Clayton Collins reacts to the dizzying changes in retailing: it's a 24/7 impulse-purchase world out there now.