Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Tuesday 10/19 links

WorldNetDaily's Aaron Klein reports that Yasir Arafat has endorsed Sen. Kerry. That should really help with the Florida Jewish vote.

Lots of good stuff in today's New York Post: First, political columnist
Dick Morris explains why "The L-Word Sticks." Second, columnist John Podhoretz complains that "Down 'N Dirty" "John Kerry hasn't given people much reason to vote for him. He's betting his political future that 50.1 percent of the American people will cast a negative vote against George W. Bush." Third, guest columnist David Winston claims that the so-called "security moms" demographic is real, and it supports Pres. Bush.

New York Times columnist
David Brooks thinks Kerry is imploding: "At this point, smart candidates are launching attacks that play up the doubts voters already have about their opponents. Incredibly, Kerry is launching attacks that play up doubts voters have about him. Over the past few days, he has underscored the feeling that he will say or do anything to further his career."

Syndicated columnist
Dennis Prager explains "Why I cannot vote for John Kerry."

Tying all the demented Democratic conspiracy theories into one neat if disturbing package, blog satirist ScrappleFace, aka
Scott Ott, reports "Bush Secret Plan to Draft Elderly Revealed."

Blogger Beldar, aka
William J. Dyer, asks "his non-moonbat Democratic friends" a heartfelt question: "Can John Kerry do what LBJ couldn't?" More specifically, the Democratic party is in a poisonous mire; we're in a war against fanatical enemies who quite literally want to destroy us--can any Democrat muster enough support within his own party to fight that war?

National Review Online columnist
Jonah Goldberg thinks that much of the comment re Kerry's "lesbian" remark misses the point--the issue is "what Kerry's comments about Mary Cheney say about him. ... What Kerry did was creepy. Think of it this way: If Kerry had said that Dick Cheney's daughter is a 'deviant,' Andrew Sullivan would be furious at Kerry and he wouldn't care one whit if Dick and Lynne Cheney were upset with Kerry. Because it is Kerry's actions that are at issue, not the Cheneys' reactions."

Chicago Sun-Times columnist
John O'Sullivan worries as the Democrats mobilize 10,000 lawyers to defend organized and massive voter fraud.

Matt Towery senses that Pres. Bush is inching ahead in "The homestretch." I sense the opposite, and it scares me.

Lawrence Henry observes that Sen. Kerry hurls false and unsubstantiated charges to which Pres. Bush cannot respond because it will damage our foreign policy. Alas, there are "Things a President Can't Say."

It's very hard to be a Jewish European lefty these days: you want to brandish your bona-fides--but to the rest you'll never be anything more than a Jew. So kinda-former lefty and London Guardian columnist
David Aaronovitch tries something new: logic. That is: how do the same people who rip Bush & Blair for not foreseeing 9/11 simultaneously ridicule any possible future threat?

"Why Iraq first and not Iran?"
Victor Davis Hanson explains.

"Al Qaeda" in Arabic means "The Base." Influential military writer
James Dunnigan considers the implications of "Al Qaeda Without Al Qaeda."

The lefty London Guardian got hold of an Ohio swing county's voter list and wants its readers to supply them with reasons not to vote for Pres. Bush. Writing in the London Daily Telegraph,
Mark Steyn is ecstatic: "This is excellent news for the President, who in recent days had been looking a little wobbly in Ohio. But there's nothing like a barrage of mail from condescending Guardian readers to send the locals stampeding into the Bush camp."