Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Tuesday 10/5 links

US troops just performed brilliantly in Samarra but John Kerry did not have a word of praise for them. New York Post columnist and former Army major Ralph Peters supplies an explanation--it's good politics: "We're supposed to lose, you understand."

The Cybercast News Service's (CNS)
Scott Wheeler reports that Saddam did have WMDs and there were extensive operational contacts between Iraq and Al-Qaeda. Furthermore, he has the documents--which were leaked from confiscated Iraqi records, not Bill Burkett. So much for the "unnecessary" Iraq war.

So how do we win the war? Writing in The New York Times, Marine colonel
Thomas X. Hammes asserts that it's "One City at a Time."

Are the major media manipulating the polls to help Sen. Kerry? It is suspicious that so many of them tended to oversample Republicans in September, which would have tended to artificially overstate Pres. Bush's numbers; and now are oversampling Democrats, which would tend to artificially overstate Sen. Kerry's alleged "bounce" or "surge." Captain's Quarters blogger
"Captain Ed" Morrissey and Power Line blogger "Hindrocket," aka John H. Hinderaker, provide details.

This just in: VP Dick Cheney will try something new during tonight's debate. "'The vice president will try to look stoic,' said one unnamed aide. 'He'll curb his raging passions, and do his best to look like a bland, retired accountant. It will be tough, because he's an emotional powderkeg.'" ScrappleFace blogger
Scott Ott has the story.

Washington Times columnist Tod Lindberg provides a 2004 campaign time-line: "January to July: Democrats think they have already won -- mistaking the Bush campaign's quiescence for an inability to say anything, the Bush administration having been a miserable failure. August through September: Republicans think they have won, mistaking a now fumbling and confused Kerry campaign for a permanent debility that prevents Mr. Kerry from mounting a campaign at all. October-November: Each side understands it has a serious opponent."

Syndicated columnist
Dennis Prager describes "How Kerry Won"; it's like this: "Whatever your position on Iraq, John Kerry is your man."

New York Post columnist
John Podhoretz admits he was wrong about Pres. Bush getting creamed in the debate. He attributes it to his professionalism. Talk about denial.

Washington Times columnist
David Limbaugh thinks Pres. Bush is too nice of a guy and is making a big mistake because of it: "John Kerry is playing for keeps, and the president better take the gloves off."

The Europeans hate the US more than they care about their own survival. Syndicated columnist Mona Charen explains.

Blogger "Beldar," aka
William J. Dyer, warns prospective contingency fee plaintiffs: don't fire your lawyers without good cause. He supplies an interesting discussion of the issue.