Monday, October 04, 2004

Monday 10/4 links

Did John Kerry cheat during the debate? Does it matter? The answers: (a) yes; (b) perhaps. Power Line blogger "Deacon," aka Paul Mirengoff, elaborates.

Chicago Sun-Times political columnist
Robert Novak warns that "Bush backers have cause for worry": "Can a front-runner really lose the election because of poor debating skills? He might if the debate exposes the candidate's basic flaws."

And blogger
Roger Simon: "Supporters of President Bush had better face reality that their candidate did poorly in the debate last week or they will face something worse: defeat." And don't start yapping about Kerry's "cheating" or "lying" or blatant self-contradiction--none of that will help.

But Daily Standard columnist
Fred Barnes is still hopeful: he thinks the first debate was an opportunity for Kerry and a burden for Bush--but the second debate is the reverse. The argument is not persuasive.

Would support for Israel pass Kerry's "Global Test"? Blogger
Tom Maguire wonders.

New York Times columnist
William Safire mulls over the substance of the debate, and concludes: "Kerry, Newest Neocon": "As the Democratic Whoopee Brigade hailed Senator Kerry's edge in debating technique, nobody noticed his foreign policy sea change. On both military tactics and grand strategy, the newest neoconservative announced doctrines more hawkish than President Bush."

Syndicated columnist
Michael Barone cites the response of "one of John Kerry's press aides [who] was challenged by a reporter who characterized Kerry's stand on Iraq as 'ambivalent.' Well, that was all right, the aide said. The voters are ambivalent."

Kerry wants to give nuclear fuel to Iran in exchange for a promise they won't build nukes? Is he nuts? Maybe not nuts; just corrupt, according to
WorldNetDaily: three wealthy donors of Iranian background want Kerry to kiss up to the mullahs. (Hat tip to "Captain Ed" Morrissey/Captain's Quarters)

In any event,
Eli Lake of the New York Sun reports that Iran already rejected Kerry's deal--they're going to build their nuclear weapons unless someone stops them.

According to DEBKA, the always-interesting and often-accurate Israeli ex-spook website, the US really screwed France this week when it bombed a convoy traveling from Damascus into Iraq. Read all about it. Some of it is probably true.

Dave Moniz of USA Today reports that an unscientific poll conducted by Army Times found that four out of five active US servicemen/women support Bush. (Hat tip to Arthur Chrenkoff.)

Philip Sherwell of the London Daily Telegraph reports that the Kerry campaign has told Teresa to shut up.

The extraordinary if pseudonymous Asia Times columnist
"Spengler" explains how Europe doomed itself--but can't remember how.

London Daily Mail columnist
Melanie Phillips provides another example of the fine work of the BBC--the British Bias Corporation. This time the BBC reported that the Israeli incursion into Gaza may be "making Israelis streets safer, perhaps, certainly making life miserable and intolerable for the Palestinians of northern Gaza." Not a word about the terrorists launching rockets into Israeli schoolyards and killing children.

So you've been searching for that cogent thumbnail history of Brooklyn and gentrification; well, today is your lucky day, thanks to blogger
Francis Morrone.