Thursday, October 07, 2004

Thursday 10/7 links

An anonymous National Review editor puts his finger on the key issue: "Kerry's World: Where's His Sense of Urgency?"

Belmont Club blogger
"Wretchard" puts his finger on the essence of terrorism: deniability. At least after Pearl Harbor we knew where to respond. Unless John Kerry is willing to hold the state sponsor of terrorism responsible for those acts--and not to demand a legal standard of proof that does not exist--he offers no deterrent.

New York Post political columnist
Dick Morris supplies "Debate Tips for the Chief."

Syndicated columnist
Ann Coulter's take on Tuesday's debate: "Heart Patient Outruns Ambulance Chaser."

And syndicated columnist
Emmett Tyrrell on the relative utility of debating skills: "Maybe he can take his skills to the United Nations General Assembly and overwhelm the delegate from Monte Carlo. But in the real world of geopolitics, a honeyed syllogism is not worth much against armed might or a suicide bomber."

Radio host and blogger
Hugh Hewitt notes that on the day that 1940 Republican presidential candidate Wendell Willkie died, October 8, 1944--60 years ago tomorrow--US forces were engaged in bloody combat in the Huertgen Forest. But neither Willkie nor 1944 GOP presidential candidate Tom Dewey questioned FDR's handling of the war. Hewitt: "Wilkie and Dewey. Gore and Kerry. Quite a change in six decades, and not one of which the Democrats can be proud." Hewitt also suggests that Kerry's unpublicized gaffes during the first debate may haunt him.

The Israelis pioneered the use of drone aircraft to spot and photograph terrorist targets; now the World Tribune reports that they've developed new and heavily-armed models that can blow the bastards away. Do you think we'll get our hands on a few of those puppies and put them to use over Fallujah during the next few weeks? I do.

"McQ" poses excellent questions for both Democratic candidates; including: "Mr. Kerry said: 'Now, Prime Minister Allawi came here, and he said the terrorists are pouring over the border. That’s Allawi’s assessment.' So if that’s true, Mr. Kerry, how is Iraq a 'grand diversion' and 'the wrong war at the wrong place at the wrong time' if we’re engaged in a global war on terrorists and terrorism?"

Dale Franks warns Pres. Bush to pull it together before Friday's debate: "When waitresses at Denny’s in Des Moines are coming up with better off-the-cuff responses to John Kerry than the President of the United States, then something is clearly wrong."

Columnist Lawrence Kudlow thinks we are winning the war decisively and that although Pres. Bush got hurt last week, the fact that he still leads is very significant. Sunny guy, Larry.

Ottawa Citizen columnist David Warren does not know whether we possess the endurance to win the War on Terror--but believes that whatever chance we do have rests on the reelection of Pres. Bush.

ScrappleFace blogger
Scott Ott blasts the fearmongers who claimed Saddam threatened the US: "If there were no box cutters, there was no threat to America."

Washington Post columnist
George F. Will thinks that Democrats are far less concerned about Pres. Bush's allegedly "reckless" foreign policy than they are about his domestic agenda.

Twenty-five years ago blogger "Beldar," aka
William J. Dyer, met supermodel Cheryl Tiegs in an elevator. He still remembers. Do you think she does? And if she said they'd never met, would you call her a liar?

Teresa Heinz Kerry calls people who anger her "scumbags." Does she realize that a scumbag is a used condom? Boston Globe language guru
Jan Freeman explores the world of profanity and concludes that it is all a matter of timing.

The New York Times'
Amy Zipkin warns that "Entrepreneurs Must Choose Their Words With Care." The issue: can you trademark common words? The answer: apparently so.