Saturday, October 23, 2004


Are the Democrats nuts?

Yesterday there were several reports of open, even blatant physical intimidation of Bush supporters at early-voting sites around Florida. Power Line blogger "Hindrocket," aka John H. Hinderaker linked to a piece in the Palm Beach Sun-Sentinel in which voter after voter complained of grotesque violations of Florida voting laws.
What was the lead for this posting again? Oh, right--are the Democrats nuts? Don't they realize that these incidents will gain wide exposure? Don't they realize that vast numbers of undecided and even soft Kerry voters will be so incensed that it will trigger a surge pulling the Bush lever?

This is a toss-up state! Do they really think they will intimidate voters into voting for Kerry? Or is it intentional: are Florida Democrats trying to throw the election?

Probably not. What was that lead again? Oh, right--are the Democrats nuts?