Friday, October 22, 2004

Friday 10/22 links

If you ask classicist/essayist Victor Davis Hanson, John Kerry's worst problem is this: people don't like him. So much for the popular vote. VDH's best line--and it is splendid: "Putin wants Bush, while Arafat prefers Kerry — and that is all we need to know."

So far, so good. Captain's Quarters blogger
"Captain Ed" Morrissey reads the poll numbers, and they are good for Pres. Bush.

Syndicated columnist
David Limbaugh observes: "Here we are less than two weeks from the election and John Kerry is still playing 'hide the ball.'"

Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post columnist
Charles Krauthammer thinks there is only one way that a Pres. Kerry could ever accumulate that so-called "international"--ie, Western European--support that he always talks about: "Sacrificing Israel."

And New York Daily News columnist
Sidney Zion: "Kerry promises a return to Bill Clinton's policy of engagement. Which simply means pressuring Israel, in line with the editorial policy of The New York Times."

If you ask New York Post columnist
John Podhoretz, he'll tell you that this sure is an exciting campaign. And those bloggers, well ...

Well, this puts it in stark perspective: Reuters correspondent
Matt Spetalnick finds that the Israelis support Pres. Bush; the Palestinians, Sen. Kerry. Exhibit A: "Gaza shopkeeper Abu Gomaa hopes instead to see Bush's re-election bid go down in flames on Nov. 2. 'I want to laugh ... at his humiliation,' he says. ... 'Israel loves the president because he holds the umbrella that protects it from its enemies,' wrote Shmuel Rosner, a columnist for the Haaretz newspaper."

United Press International
Roland Flamini reports that Bill Clinton wants to be UN secretary general. (Hat tip to Matt Drudge)

Syndicated columnist Emmett Tyrrell: "The Democratic opponent slipping behind in the polls today is neither a George McGovern from 1972 nor a John F. Kennedy fighting the Cold War. He is at one with the Draft Dodger of 1992, though without the charm."

Satirical blogger Iowahawk
David Burge supplies "clarifications" from the Kerry-Edwards wives; from Elizabeth Edwards: "Mrs. Edwards added that 'as Democrats, we believe that gay citizens should be welcomed freely in society, whether they are teachers, artist, or a bulldyke softball leather fetishist like Dick Cheney's daughter.'"

Wall Street Journal online columnist
James Taranto provides a reader's version of Kerry's French-styled alert system.

The Wall Street Journal's
James Taranto offers this analysis: "The Boston Red Sox beat the New York Yankees last night in Game 7 of the American League Championship Series. The Sox will face either the Houston Astros or the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series. But the Yankees, who won the first three games in the series before going to lose four straight, had more runs in the series (45-41), which means the Sox may have a pennant, but they lack a mandate."

The lefty London Guardian
editorial about "America's curse"--Bosox, not Bush--starts well, builds momentum, and then runs off a cliff. What a surprise.

Jerusalem Post writer
Margot Dudkevitch reports that the Israelis clipped a big one: Hamas's #2 and chief bomb engineer.

And Los Angeles Times correspondent
Laura King supplies a surprisingly good piece about Israel's contingency plans to destroy Iran's nuclear facilities.

The World Tribune reports that Israel has experimented with several revolutionary new weapons systems--against the Palestinians.

Why do they hate us? Washington Times guest columnist Daniel Mandel shares some thoughts on the subject.

New York Times computer columnist
David Pogue waxes rhapsodic--yes, rhapsodic--about Google's new search too. It does Windows.