Saturday, October 23, 2004

Saturday 10/23 links

Weekly Standard publisher William Kristol characterizes next week's vote as "the 9/11 Election": "September 11 is not simply about 'the bad guys,' about the attacks on America. September 11 is also about our response."

Mark Alexander concludes that the reason Sen. Kerry refuses to release his military records is that he was not granted an honorable discharge.

Former London Daily Telegraph editor
Charles Moore poses the question: "So who gains if Bush loses? The Labour Left, of course, and the political power of the European Union, the Guardian readers who have been writing magnificently counterproductive anti-Bush letters to the voters of Clark County, Ohio, and every twerp who says with a trembling lip that Mr Bush and Mr Blair have 'blood on their hands'" and "Abu Musab al-Zarqawi ... . Such men believe they have already changed the government in Spain; they will claim at once that they have done the same in the United States. They will be right."

Arthur Chrenkoff distills the essence of the Europe's preference for Sen. Kerry: "The Europeans are like teenage children of a divorce, who prefer to spend time with their Democrat mother rather than a strict Republican dad, not because they like the mother more (dude, parents they like, suck, or what?) but because she won't force them to take out the trash and clean the dishes. No wonder the father is increasingly thinking that his 59 year old teenager should finally move out of home and start supporting himself."

Belmont Club blogger "
Wretchard" analyzes a recent BBC documentary that claims that Al Qaeda does not exist. Really. London Daily Mail columnist and blogger Melanie Phillips is appalled: "The British are lapping it all up and believing it. Wicked stuff."

Does Ariel Sharon have popular support to withdraw from Gaza? Tel Aviv Ha'aretz columnist Yoel Marcus observes that Sharon won two of the most lopsided elections in Israeli history and concludes: "You bet he's got a mandate."

Blogger Beldar, aka William J. Dyer, exposes the truth! about John Kerry. Did you know that in Vietnam Kerry "regularly engaged in piscatory activities with several of his crewmen — at the same time?" Or that at Boston College Law School, he "openly matriculated with each and every one of the young women students who began classes there at the same time he did?" I thought not. While we're on the subject, you really should read the classic piece from the December 1970 issue of Mad Magazine and posted in 2001 by Bill Garvin.

ScrappleFace satirical blogger
Scott Ott takes aim at those forward thinkers who run what is euphemistically called "organized labor," which tends to be neither: "America's labor union leaders are mounting perhaps the largest grassroots effort in history to elect John Forbes Kerry, using all of the latest technology including telegraph, trains, stage coaches and handbills."

New York Times guest columnist and subway aficionado
Joe McKendry notes that the New York subway system turns 100 years old on Wednesday. You can keep Disneyland--for my money the New York subway is the Magic Kingdom.