Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Those who accept the assumptions of the political/social left tend to presume that they live in a world mired in noncommunication, and they think--no, they feel--that it is the underlying cause of almost every problem, whether interpersonal, or social, or economic, or political, or etc. This misapprehension is fundamental and profound; it infects almost everything that they think, that they say, and that they do.

In fact, there is very little non- or miscommunication. Most disputes occur when clearly-articulated, tangible interests collide. Opposing sides understand each other perfectly, but their interests conflict and they govern their actions accordingly. Soon-to-be-ex-spouses; Hatfields and McCoys; Democrats and Republicans; unions and management; Arabs and Israelis; Islamists and Western Civilization; the US and Old Europe--in each instance both sides know precisely where the other stands. They understand each other. Communication can be flawless even when it is hostile.