Monday, September 13, 2004

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Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby thinks John Kerry's a funny guy. Such as his zetz about a governor's work ethic: "This guy takes more vacations than the people on welfare." It was funny enough when Kerry told it to Don Imus--but it would have been hilarious had he delivered the line at the NAACP convention.

Investor's Business Daily suggests that CBS is Rather biased.

The Wall Street Journal's
John Fund is keeping score: "Guys in pajamas" 1; CBS 0.

Augusta Free Press (Waynesboro, VA) guest columnist
Bruce Kesler answers more questions about John Kerry's Vietnam saga than Kerry ever did.

The final word on the forgeries, from electronic typesetting pioneer
Joseph M. Newcomer.

A bloodied Russia has examined its bread for butter residue, its foreign minister told
Reuters: "It seems easier to find grounds for an understanding with the United States than with some European states."

As Sherlock Holmes noticed the "dog that didn't bark,"
Victor Davis Hanson noticed the startling decrease in anti-Americanism at the Athens Olympics. But why? Hmmm ...

Washington Times columnist Nat Hentoff explains why Fox News Channel is doing so well. He uses short words and simple concepts, so the critics should be able to understand him.

Drake Bennett of the Boston Globe wonders whether you prefer showers or baths or just like to smash things. Just testing.

Ben McGrath of The New Yorker likens the Boston Red Sox to the Democrats and the New York Yankees to the Republicans. As anyone with any historical perspective will tell you, the Yankees always win.