Sunday, September 12, 2004

More links

Blogs rule: Peter Wallsten of the Los Angeles Times cannot quite discredit the bloggers who dare to undermine the news monopoly assumed by the mainstream media (MSM).

Power Line's "The Big Trunk," aka
Scott W. Johnson, fisks Wallsten's piece into the turf.

Power Line's "Hindrocket," aka
John H. Hinderaker: "We have entered a new era. We now know that our richest and most powerful news organizations are willing to blow themselves up--to destroy their own credibility, once considered a news organization's most precious possession--to achieve a political goal."

Hugh Hewitt distills the essence of the Rather/CBS forgery catastrophe into one convenient posting.

Even the Boston Globe is starting to backtrack, albeit insidiously.

US News & World Report columnist
Michael Barone puts his finger on "The Democrats' real problem": "The problem for Kerry is that when he tries to change the subject, he seems to change his position."

Ann Althouse thinks John Kerry is going in the "wrong" direction. No kidding. But she's talking about language.

Miami Herald humor columnist
Dave Barry explores those new-fangled electronic voting machines. Note that Miami is in Florida, which did so well--recall Chad and Jeremiad--counting votes in 2000.

The Belmont Club's "
Wretchard" compares today's bloggers with the English longbowmen at Crecy: the archers proved that the era of the armored knight had passed ...

Colin Powell wants everyone to know that he intends to hang on to his government job. The leakee is Chicago Sun-Times columnist
Robert Novak.

Meanwhile, in the real world, New York Daily News columnist
Zev Chafets reports that the coalition that won World War II is quietly reuniting--and adding new partners--to fight terrorism. Good news all around: France is out--but India and Israel are in.