Saturday, September 11, 2004

Weekend links

Victor Davis Hanson struggles to characterize his politics. Who doesn't?

Instapundit Glenn Reynolds reports that CBS is mischaracterizing the Boston Globe's lies. You can't tell the players without a scorecard.

Power Line's "Hindrocket" (aka John H. Hinderaker) calls it a "slow-motion train wreck."

Roger Simon thinks Dan Rather is toast: "For the sake of the future of CBS, he'd better be."

Jeff Goldstein interviews Rather's ego: "I was breaking huge stories back when you New Media types were still doing laps in your pappy’s scrotum."

Jerusalem Post columnist Bret Stephens explains how the left hates Israel more than it loves: (1) human rights; (2) homosexuals; (3) abolition of capital punishment; (4) democracy; (5) peaceful resolution of disputes; (6) etc. Ya gotta have priorities, I guess.

London Sunday Telegraph columnist Jenny McCartney thinks ADD is a distraction.