Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Wednesday 11/10 links

According to the Israeli DEBKA website, the Palestinian Authority surrendered to Suha Arafat's shakedown--she'll get $22 million per year for the rest of her life. If the Islamoterrorists hear about the terms of the deal, that latter contingency may occur much sooner than she expects.

New York Times columnist
William Safire has a message for Tony Blair, who wants to "jump-start" the Mideast peace process, ie coerce Israel: "C'mon, Tony; we don't thank one big ally by selling out a smaller one. There's an honorable way. Let Arafat pass from the scene. Let the Palestinians show they are ready to be a nation and not a bunch of warring factions. ... Then let us invite the elected Palestinian and Israeli leaders to Camp David to work out their final settlement."

Strategy Page military analyst
James Dunnigan explains "Arab Illusions and Modern Terrorism."

Slate columnist
Christopher Hitchens supplies a superb essay: "Bush's Secularist Triumph: The left apologizes for religious fanatics--the president fights them." (Hat tip to Matt Drudge)

Washington Times columnist
Tony Blankley assumes "the Republican National Committee is busy recording and archiving the idiotic statements coming out of national Democratic Party leaders and commentators," particularly "the opinion pages of The New York Times (that would be pages A-1- D 37 inclusive)."

And Daily Standard writer
Matthew Continetti reports that "the left has decided that in the wake of Bush's victory, America is on the brink of civil war. Are they nuts?"

TCS: Tech Central Station columnist
Todd J. Weiner suggests that the election held "Lessons for Both Parties"--but guess which party will actually learn from it?

New York Observer columnist
Tish Durkin supplies "Five Reality Checks For Democrats: Dump Kofi, Moore, Dopes."

Syndicated columnist
Jonah Goldberg provides "What's bad for the party isn't necessarily bad for America."

London Daily Telegraph columnist
Janet Daley explains "Why the liberals have been left behind": "Left-wing intellectuals, of course, are never, ever wrong. Nothing - absolutely nothing - ever causes them to question their own beliefs. It is the rest of the world that is out of step. And the rest of you - the great democratic mass of people who have the temerity to think your own thoughts and come to your own conclusions - are scarcely worthy of the franchise."

London Times columnist
Michael Gove is a wonder--a gentile European journalist who takes Israel's side, such as in this column: "Fresh start. Road map. Political engagement. Choose your own cliché."

London Daily Telegraph columnist
Daniel Johnson predicts that the super-multicultural Netherlands had its own wake-up call with the murder of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh. And Strategy Page columnist Austin Bay demands the end of "the reactionaries' reign of terror."

Anonymous blogger
"A Sad American" sends "An Open Letter to the Democratic Party." (Hat tip to Jay Ornellas)

Here's the newest from satirical blogger ScrappleFace
Scott Ott: "Arafat May Soon Sign Death Certificate."

QandO blogger
Jon Henke supplies "The Dead Arafat Sketch"--"with apologies to a certain British group."