Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Tuesday 11/9 links

Knowledgable Belmont Club blogger "Wretchard" explains what is happening in Fallujah.

Former Army major, now New York Post columnist
Ralph Peters insists that "Finishing Fallujah" is vital: "The most decisive battle since the fall of Baghdad has begun. ... Now we need to finish the job swiftly, no matter the cost in death and destruction, before the will of our civilian leaders weakens again."

National Review Online columnist
Michael Ledeen thinks that Pres. Bush needs "A War Cabinet," and explains why the Secs. of Defense and State, among others, must be replaced.

Associated Press writer
Karin Laub reports that "Arafat's Millions Could Slip Away." Captain's Quarters blogger "Captain Ed" Morrissey asks: "Are They Keeping Arafat Alive To Find The Money?" And the World Tribune breaks the news that the "Palestinian Authority plans to seize Arafat's bank accounts."

Why did the Democrats lose?
Mark Steyn explains in short words and simple concepts, because he is talking to Europeans in the London Daily Telegraph: "The Dems do have core beliefs - abortion, racial grievances, gay marriage, etc - but unfortunately they're not the kind of thing you can talk about at election time."

More from Captain's Quarters'
Morrissey: Pres. Bush is "Misunderestimated No More."

Chicago Sun-Times columnist
John O'Sullivan: "There is now a substantial alienated Left throughout America in big cities and university towns that in the 2004 primaries dragged a moderate Democratic party toward an anti-war position that was hard to distinguish from anti-Americanism. It is still there. It has far more passion and commitment than the party moderates. And it will fight to keep the party unelectable."

Daily Standard guest columnists James W. Ceaser and Daniel DiSalvo conclude that "The political landscape is not the same as it was in 2000. For Democrats, their situation is getting worse."

Washington Post columnist
George F. Will: "In 2000 Americans were reminded that electoral votes select presidents. In 2004 Democrats were reminded that Bruce Springsteen does not."

New York Times columnist
David Brooks provides a roadmap for those who want to know why Pres. Bush was reelected: "Take a Ride to Exurbia."

National Review online editor-in-chief
Jonah Goldberg dissects "The Sore-Loser Party," ie, the Democrats: "Take the two leading liberal columnists at the New York Times, Maureen Dowd and Paul Krugman. As we all know, one's a whining self-parody of a hysterical liberal who lets feminine emotion and fear defeat reason and fact in almost every column. The other used to date Michael Douglas."

Washington Post columnist
Richard Cohen, generally to the left-of-center: "A phrase from a press release struck me: 'In voting for George Bush, religious Americans were duped into voting against their best interests.' The operative word is 'duped,' and it explains, almost by itself, why the Democratic Party is in the pits and John Kerry is not the next president of the United States. Only a dope thinks these voters were duped."

Washington Times guest columnist and screenwriter
Burt Prelutsky saw the election returns and suggests: "Deal with it, Hollywood." Oh, well, he's over 30, so he probably wouldn't be getting much work, anyway. And in the Wall Street Journal, film critic Michael Medved warns: "Bad News for Democrats: Hollywood activists vow to keep it up."

Satirical blogger IOWAHAWK
David Burge consoles Democrats with ideas for 2008, such as: "Bush may have won the Wal Mart vote, but you mopped up at Whole Foods and Dean & Deluca. In the next election, you can win back the hearts and minds of swing shoppers with money-saving store specials on organic arugula."

Gweilo Diaries blogger
"Conrad" offers 11 "Tips for a New Democratic Majority"; my favorites are Nos. 3 & 10. No. 3: "Explain to 51% of the electorate that they're stupid. They will eventually realize that you are smarter than they are and will vote as you tell them to. It has only taken them this long because they really are sooo fucking stoopid." And No. 10: "'I'm Hillary Rodham Clinton and I'm reporting for duty.'" (Hat tip to Glenn Reynolds/Instapundit)