Thursday, November 18, 2004

Thursday 11/18 links

Blogger Hugh Hewitt offers his list of candidates to replace William Safire at The New York Times; they are: Jonah Goldberg, Stephen Hayes, James Lileks, Peter Robinson, and Mark Steyn. I'd be happiest with Goldberg or Steyn, then Lileks, then Hayes, then Robinson. As though they're going to ask me.

Chicago Sun-Times columnist
Robert Novak reports that Sen. John "McCain told [Porter] Goss the CIA is 'a dysfunctional organization. It has to be cleaned out.' ... McCain told Goss that as director, he must get rid of the old boys and bring in a new team at Langley." And that is what Goss is doing.

London Times Washington correspondent
Gerard Baker explains to his slow-learning readers how "The day of reckoning has arrived for the Bush-hating foreign policy elite."

Canny Captain's Quarters blogger "Captain Ed" Morrissey supplies two interesting posts:
first, he argues that it would be bad tactics for Colin Powell to run against Hillary Clinton in the 2006 New York senatorial race; and second, he reveals that Nebraska Democratic senator Ben Nelson may be offered Sec'y of Agriculture--the Democrats don't want him to take the job, but Nelson's no idiot and he saw what happened to other Democrats in Red America two weeks ago.

The understated and demure syndicated columnist
Ann Coulter: "As we wait for CBS to concede the election, Democrats are claiming Kerry lost because Americans are stupid – and if there's one thing voters respond to, it's crude insults."

Syndicated columnist
Emmett Tyrrell admits he wrote his 1984 classic The Liberal Crack-Up twenty years too early.

Syndicated columnist
Thomas Sowell observes that the liberals' widely-bruited support of the military did not survive past the election.

Wall Street Journal columnist
Peggy Noonan offers a great suggestion: "Ssssshhhhhhhh'"