Monday, November 15, 2004

Monday 11/15 links

News flash posted early this morning by Associated Press reporter George Gedda: "Secretary of State Colin Powell has told top aides he intends to resign from President Bush's Cabinet."

Alas, the Associated Press is forced to admit "U.S. Ground Assault on Fallujah 'Ahead of Schedule,' Says Marine Commander."

Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer on Yasir Arafat: "He was single-minded, but not about statehood or a real peace."

"TIESW" (ie, "the Israeli ex-spook website") DEBKA has two breaking items:
First, no fewer than 40 terrorist gunmen strolled into a mourning tent in Gaza, killed two bodyguards, then after shooting into the air warned Mahmoud Abbas, aka new Palestinian chief Abu Mazen, that if he didn't continue the terror campaign they would kill him. And second (though perhaps irrelevant after the first item), the US, Israel, and new Palestinian chief Abu Mazen are conspiring--yes, conspiring--to establish Abu Mazen's rule. Apparently you can't trust anyone any more.

Asia Times columnist
"Spengler" examines "The assassin's master sermon."

Washington Times columnist
Arnaud de Borchgrave describes the "Mini clash of civilizations" between Moslem immigrants and native Dutch in the Netherlands. I would suggest more careful language: I would characterize the Moslems more by "culture" than "civilization," for the latter term implies a level of development that the Moslems have not achieved for the better part of a millennium.

Daily Standard writer Stephen F. Hayes details how wily spook bureaucrats are leak-leak-leaking to the MSM varsity to attempt to undermine the sweeping reform that new CIA chief Porter Goss has ordered.

Hold the presses! Scoop from New York Times columnist
William Safire: The UN is corrupt--and they're covering up the Iraq oil scandal! And Chicago Sun-Times columnist Robert Novak quotes a real live US Senator who is angry about it.

Syndicated columnist
Michael Barone is not altogether sad to say that it was "A bad election for old media."

Beldar blogger
William J. Dyer pokes fun at the "NYT's confusion on the basic concepts of government."

New York Times guest columnist and Yale economist
Michael J. Graetz, presumably left-of-center, suggests a simplified tax structure with no income taxes below $100K; 25% above that; and the usual mortgage and charitable deductions. So what the heck.