Friday, November 12, 2004

Suha's $22 million/year shakedown reported here (from DEBKA) 2 days ago

Uri Dan and Andy Soltis in today's New York Post:

Suha Arafat, who jealously guarded her husband's bedside during his final hours, brought his body home from France yesterday for burial — after sealing a deal that will make her a very rich widow.

Suha agreed to a settlement with the Palestinian Authority that will reportedly pay her as much as $22 million a year for divulging the secrets of her husband's fortune.

This item appeared in P&C two days ago:

According to the Israeli
DEBKA website, the Palestinian Authority surrendered to Suha Arafat's shakedown--she'll get $22 million per year for the rest of her life. If the Islamoterrorists hear about the terms of the deal, that latter contingency may occur much sooner than she expects.

Now you know where to get it first.