Monday, November 01, 2004

Monday 11/1 links

BAD NEWS: National Review Online "Kerry Spot" columnist Jim Geraghty: "The bad news, passed on by Middle Cheese: Bush’s poll numbers in Ohio on Sunday night were terrible. Might be a bad sample, or it might be that the last minute break of the undecided is going for Kerry."

The redoubtable Asia Times columnist "Spengler" posted a new essay: "What Osama might have told America."

Larry Margasak of the Associated Press reports that Democratic Senate candidates have adopted a real strategy--avoid any association with John Kerry. (Hat tip to "Captain Ed" Morrissey/Captain's Quarters)

Syndicated columnist
Pat Buchanan: "The national press remains what it has been since the 1960s: the most reliably left-wing voting bloc this side of Bedford Stuyvesant."

New York Times columnist
William Safire loved OBL's new tape, aka the "clumsy ploy": "For now, bin Laden's unwelcome intercession is taken to be anti-Bush overkill. Coming from the fugitive terrorist, it will help ensure the president's re-election. Later, we will understand bin Laden's phony attempt at conciliation to be his first sign of weakness."

Power Line blogger "Deacon," aka
Paul Mirengoff, analyzes the last New York Times/CBS poll, which is Bush +3--and finds even worse news for the Democrats in the "internal" numbers--such as a sampling 35% Democrats, 30% GOP. In other words, the poll wanted to skew toward Kerry, and it's even worse news for him that it didn't.

Appearing in Newsweek, columnist
George F. Will argues: "Elections matter, but their reverberations are limited. Governments change; for most people, the basic conditions of life do not. Or at least they do not change much because of election results."

Democratic professionals tell Chicago Sun-Times columnist
Robert Novak that they're running their campaign and getting the vote out while trying not to listen to Sen. Kerry yammering on and on about explosives.

Jerusalem Post columnist
Tom Gross wonders why Jews are idiots when they walk into voting booths.

The Israeli ex-spooks at DEBKA claim that today's Tel Aviv bombing was the first shot of the Palestinian civil war.

Prolific satirical blogger ScrappleFace Scott Ott's latest scoop: "Kerry: GOP Plans to Suppress Lawyer Turnout."

Roger Angell, the New Yorker's wonderful baseball essayist, buries "The Curse of Curses."

No journal does obituaries so well as the London Times--except the London Telegraph. Today the subject is Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester, who just died at age 102.