Sunday, October 31, 2004

Sunday 10/31 links

Here's a scoop: London Sunday Telegraph political editor Patrick Hennessy reports that Tony Blair will call a snap election to be held in February.

Today a New York Daily News editorial endorsed Pres. Bush: "Right war, right time, right man."

Washington Times columnist Donald Lambro supplies a superb analysis which merits notice. The short message: "It's the turnout, stupid."

Captain's Quarters blogger "Captain Ed" Morrissey runs the numbers and is happy.

Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass: "Bush's resolve is best answer to bin Laden threat."

Ironic, isn't it, that it takes a patronizing anti-American lefty such as London Sunday Times columnist
Rod Liddle to reveal the dirty secret: "Even the Democrats don’t fancy Kerry."

San Diego Union-Tribune columnist
Joseph Perkins warns that the democratic system is at risk if the Democrats follow through on threats to mire the election in litigation after they lose. (Hat tip to John H. Hinderaker/Power Line)

Appearing this time in the Chicago Sun-Times, columnist
Mark Steyn morphs into Gertrude Stein: "When the lawsuits are over and the bloodletting begins, serious Democrats need to confront the intellectual emptiness of their party, which Kerry's campaign embodies all too well. The Dems got a full tank from FDR, a top-up in the Civil Rights era, and they've been running on fumes for 30 years. Their last star, Bill Clinton, has no legacy because, deft as he was, his Democratic Party had no purpose other than as a vehicle for promoting his own indispensability. When he left, the Democrats became a party running on personality with no personalities to run. Hence, the Kerry candidacy. Despite the best efforts of American editorialists, there's no there there."

Boston Globe columnist
Jeff Jacoby explains why Pres. Bush should be reelected: it's "A question of character."

US News & World Report columnist
John Leo attacks the "journalistic malpractice" of the mainstream media desperate for Kerry to win.

Washington Post columnist
George F. Will prefers Bush to Kerry, but is not particularly happy about it: "Reelect Bush, Faults And All."

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette columnist
Jack Kelly describes how The New York Times wrecked CBS's last-minute ambush of Pres. Bush.

US News & World Report publisher
Mortimer B. Zuckerman catalogues the situation the Palestinians now face: "The moment of truth is now upon them."

London Sunday Telegraph correspondent
Con Coughlin supplies an incisive profile of Ariel Sharon.

Transterrestrial Musings satirical blogger Rand Simberg reports: "FEC Launches Investigation Into Al Qaeda." He quotes a Bush campaign spokesman: "This new Kerry endorsement by yet another world leader is just their latest October surprise, coming just four days before the election. 'Bush lied, we made the terrorists mad, he sat there reading to kids instead of evacuating the trade center,' yada yada yada. They can deny it all they want, but Osama's clearly illegally coordinating with and Michael Moore." (Hat tip to Glenn Reynolds/Instapundit)