Friday, October 29, 2004

Friday 10/29 links

London Times Washington correspondent Gerard Baker reports that Sen. Kerry is already picking his Cabinet. Apparently Del. Sen. Joe Biden will be Secretary of State, even though former UK Labour Party chief Neil Kinnock never served in that capacity. (During Biden's short-lived 1988 presidential campaign he was caught out appropriating Kinnock's biography.) Evidently Kerry is immersed in a pregnant chicken inventory.

This could be a big development in the campaign: Sen. Kerry just got caught in a lie on national television, and Captain's Quarters blogger "Captain Ed" Morrissey puts it all together. Last night, Kerry to Tom Brokaw: "My [military] record is not public. So I don't know where you're getting that from." Sept. 15, Kerry to Don Imus: "We've posted my military records that they sent to me, or were posted on my Web site. You can go to my Web site, and all my -- you know, the documents are there." In April, to Chris Matthews: "I released all my military records. ... Everything. All of it. Including my officer fitness reports."

New York Post political columnist Dick Morris explains "Why Bush Will Win." What a lovely way to start the day.

This time in the London Spectator, Mark Steyn is so confident that Pres. Bush will win that he promises to quit if Bush loses.

National Review Online "Kerry Spot" editor Jim Geraghty agrees after getting the lowdown "From a Source Close to the Campaign": "According to the Bushies, the last few days have seen a huge burst of momentum in their numbers. They think Bush is ahead by a few points nationally. ... The internal polls show a significant lead in Florida (outside margin of error) and Arkansas is out of play, with a Bill Clinton visit or without. As for most of the other big ones - Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, internal polls show all too close to call."

New York Post columnist John Podhoretz displays no small degree of schadenfreude as he asks: "Did John Kerry make a colossal blunder by deciding to spend the last week of the campaign highlighting the fact that Saddam Hussein's Iraq was one giant ammunition dump?"

Washington Times editor-in-chief Wesley Pruden concludes "There's no surprise for this October"--and wonders why the media expected the explosives story to explode.

Syndicated columnist Thomas Sowell reviews the blatant partisanship and bias of the media in campaign coverage.

Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer is disgusted that "John Kerry has managed to transform our Afghan venture into a failure -- a botched operation in which Bush let Osama bin Laden get away because he 'outsourced' bin Laden's capture to 'warlords' in the battle of Tora Bora. ... 'Outsourcing' is a demagogue's way of saying 'using allies.' (Isn't Kerry's Iraq solution to 'outsource' the problem to the 'allies' and the United Nations?)"

National Review Online columnist
Victor Davis Hanson puts it in stark terms: "One candidate urges us to return to the mindset of pre-September 11 — law enforcement dealing with terrorists as nuisances. He claims the policies that have led to an absence of another attack at home, the end of the Taliban and Saddam Hussein, idealistic efforts to extend freedom, and radical and positive changes in Pakistan, Libya, the West Bank, and the Gulf have made things worse. In contrast, the other reminds us that we are in a real war against horrific enemies and are no longer passive targets, but will fight the terrorists on their home turf, win, and leave behind humane government. No choice could be clearer. It is America's call."

Syndicated columnist Mona Charen agrees that Sen. Kerry would not make the same mistakes that Pres. Bush has made--and that's the problem.

London Daily Telegraph diplomatic editor and former Middle East correspondent Anton La Guardia returns to find "A Just Wall": "Palestinians are not simply victims of Israel. They are also co-authors of their own tragedy."

London Sunday Times New York correspondent Sarah Boxer admits "I'm a Democrat for Bush"--and then tells why.

New York Post columnist Amir Taheri describes "John Kerry's Fantasy Friend." He's talking about Jacques Chirac.

The Israeli ex-spook DEBKA website reports that one result of the Arafat hospitalization is that "The Palestinian-Israel War Gains a French Dimension"--that a clique of hardliners who accompanied him to Paris "will try to run Palestinian Authority business from the French capital. Claiming they are relaying orders from Arafat, they will gradually erode the authority of the Abu Mazan-Abu Ala clique."

Also re the Palestinians, canny Tel Aviv Ha'aretz columnist Danny Rubinstein warns: "Don't interfere, they're looking for an heir."

Prolific satirical blogger ScrappleFace Scott Ott supplies two items: first, a new entitlement ("Kerry: Americans Deserve Arafat-Quality Healthcare"); second, a new poll ("Battleground Poll Shows Bush 51, Springsteen 49").