Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Wednesday 10/27 links

Former Army officer and now New York Post columnist Ralph Peters got a letter from a friend: "He's an Army veteran of three wars. ... And he's worried. Not about terrorists or insurgents. He's afraid John Kerry will be elected president. 'Kerry's rhetoric is giving the bad guys a thread to hang on. They're hoping we lose our nerve. They're more concerned with the U.S. elections than with the Iraqi ones.'"

Two items from prolific Captain's Quarters blogger "Captain Ed" Morrissey:"
first, that CBS already reported that the stuff was missing before we got there; and second, that it must have taken a full company of men one week to spirit the stuff away--at least. While we were already there? Fat chance.

Weekly Standard publisher
William Kristol observes that Sen. Kerry's chief foreign policy adviser, Richard Holbrooke, refuses to vouch for the story's accuracy--while Kerry continues to campaign on it nonetheless.

Meanwhile, perhaps re Holbrooke (but, to be fair, perhaps not), today New York Post "Page Six" gossip columnist
Richard Johnson offers a riddle: "Which high-profile diplomat who was hoping for a big job in the John Kerry administration — if there is one — is having a not-so-low-profile affair with a gorgeous, red-headed divorcée with an interest in foreign affairs? Even if his wife doesn't find out, the fling might wreck his chances for the big job."

New York Daily News columnist
Zev Chafets got an interesting angle on Bill Clinton's Philadelphia campaign appearance for Sen. Kerry: "Kerry stood in Bill's shadow."

TCS publisher
James K. Glassman is relieved that the Democrats' explosive "October Surprise" is a dud.

Political guru Dick Morris is having a busy day. In today's New York Post, he claims that "the wolf ad has sparked an amazing surge in Bush's support to the point where every poll but one shows him well ahead of his Democratic rival." Then, in the Washington insider newspaper
The Hill, he asserts first that "John Kerry’s domestic focus seems to be too little, too late"; and second, that "the conventional wisdom is that the election will be close. It still may be, but the evidence suggests that it is volatile but not necessarily close."

Stop the presses! Washington Times columnist
Cal Thomas breaks the news that the "Big Media" (ie The New York Times and the Washington Post) support Kerry. And Editor & Publisher reports that "New Study Suggests Some Media Favored Kerry in First Two Weeks of October." (Hat tip to "Captain Ed" Morrissey/Captain's Quarters)

More re media bias from syndicated columnist
Brent Bozell: "To the uncommitted voter, let us state directly: The media are partisan players. They see their role as journalists as not to inform, but to persuade." And from syndicated columnist Linda Chavez: "The media rule seems to be if a story might hurt George W. Bush, play it up big; if it might help Bush, bury it; and if might hurt John Kerry, ignore it altogether. In an election as close as this one, the media's role could be decisive."

Washington Times Baghdad correspondent
Borzou Daragahi reports that the Iraqi terrorists now state explicitly that the upsurge in violence there is specifically intended to oust Pres. Bush in the US presidential election. If the terrorists want Sen. Kerry to win, what does that tell you?

IOWAHAWK satirical blogger
David Burge breathlessly scoops the world with "More October Surprises Found." Such as: "WEDNESDAY REPORT: OHIO UNEMPLOYMENT AT 87.8%"