Wednesday, September 29, 2004

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This could be very big: according to Carl Campanile of the New York Post, the US Justice Dept. claims that a New York Times correspondent warned an Islamic charity of an impending raid.

This could be bigger: New York Daily News columnist
Zev Chafets: "In an interview in an Israeli newspaper this week, Giora Eiland, Israel's national security adviser, made a startling statement: November will be the 'point of no return' for taking out the Iranian nuclear program. ... The ayatollahs are about to go atomic - and somebody has to stop them. That will be a dangerous and thankless job. Increasingly, it looks as if it will be outsourced to Israel. The Bush administration already has supplied the tool kit, including the F-16I, the first Israeli war plane capable of striking Iran without in-flight refueling. The U.S. also has supplied ordnance capable of piercing massive fortifications." Read the whole column.

And there's a new CBS scandal under way re its slanted piece about Pres. Bush's alleged "secret plan" to reinstitute the draft. Somehow CBS never got around to reading the two bills in Congress--both are sponsored and supported by Democrats. And only Democrats. Power Line's "Deacon," aka Paul Mirengoff, has the details. Roger Simon agrees--"they did it again!"

Are you coming to the conclusion that the John Kerry campaign is doomed? There are those telltale signs--such as Kerry turning bright orange. Really.
John Little & Preston Ledger of Blogs of War update the Charlie & the Chocolate Factory classic to bring us "Oompa-Loompa Democrats": "Oompa Loompa Democrats doo/I’ve got another doozy for you/Oompa Loompa doompadah dee/If you are clueless you’ll vote for me." They also supply side-by-side comparison photos. Then it gets worse--Hugh Hewitt sticks the knife in a little deeper.

And he figuratively stepped on his own unit yet again. National Review Online "Kerry Spot" columnist
Jim Geraghty reports that Kerry explained on ABC's "Good Morning America" that his "voted for before against" gaffe was caused by "one of those inarticulate moments late in the evening when I was dead tired." Except he said it at noon.

Syndicated columnist
Linda Chavez offers Pres. Bush excellent debate advice: "Don't get bogged down in winning the argument. Don't bite at their bait. ... Let Kerry be the in-your-face attacker, an unlikable bully. The president should remain presidential."

And Pres. Bush enters the debates with the wind at his back. New York Post political columnist Dick Morris: "Bush enters the debate empowered by three fundamental facts: [1] Virtually all of his own voters agree with his positions on these vital issues. [2] About one in three Kerry voters also approves of Bush's policy in these regions. [3] Kerry, for some inexplicable reason, has chosen to attack Bush on these very issues — his strongest point."

Kerry insists there were no links between Saddam and Al-Qaeda. Except that there were. Stephen F. Hayes provides the inconvenient facts in The Daily Standard.

Some very nasty stuff here. Columnist Joel Mowbray suppiles an essay to the Washington Times which exposes a vicious anti-Semitic attack carried out by the State Dept. and CIA against the Pentagon with the connivance of the Washington Post. Mowbray can't prove anything, but he infers that he believes Colin Powell deputy Richard Armitage was the source of the slur, and that Post reporter Robin Wright was his willing cat's-paw.

New York Post columnist Amir Taheri explains "The Real Struggle for Iraq."

Pamela McClintock reports in Variety that Fox News Channel drew more viewers in the third quarter (July-Sept) than all the other national cable news outlets--CNN, CNN Headline News, CNBC, and MSNBC--combined.

QandO blogger Dale Franks provides "Things You'd Love to Say at Work, but Can't."

Listen to Chicago Tribune columnist
Clarence Page, who is intermittently a wise man: "People, be careful. ... Put your cell phones down and pay attention to what you're doing!"

Those droll wags at The Onion report that Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has announced that "ravaged" is the state's new official adjective. It's a reference to the weather.

W. Dorwin Teague invented the dentist chair, the cash register, and the mimeograph machine--among other things. He died two weeks ago at age 94. Now this guy deserves an obituary, which the Los Angeles Times obligingly provides.