Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Competence personified

Fine way to start a new day--to check the inbox and find an email from Mark Wooster. I'll add the links; the rest is his:

I'm sure other bloggers will get this, but maybe you can get it first: Nicholas Kristof, in his column last week, said William Rood witnessed Kerry's Bronze Star incident, but he was wrong -- Rood said he witnessed the Silver Star incident. Kristof, in his response to e-mail segment, says this error was pointed out to him, and he would correct it in his next column. That column was just put online at the NY Times -- AND HE SAYS IT WRONG AGAIN!

"In the spirit of taking a tough look at one's own shortcomings: on Saturday, I referred to William Rood as a witness for Mr. Kerry's Silver Star incident. It was the Bronze Star episode that he saw. Mea culpa."

He can't even get his corrections right!